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An all-British cheese wedding cake that includes stunning examples of everyone’s favourite cheeses: a hard cows’ milk cheese that’s older than Cheddar; a rich, classic Stilton; a British twist on Brie, and to top it all; a light, fresh and mousse-like goats’ milk cheese. Serves 35 to 50 People.


Top Tier
200g - Goat, Pasteurised
Made by Charlie Westhead. Goats’ milk is set overnight with kids’ rennet, before being delicately hand-ladled into small moulds and rolled in freshly chopped herbs. Fresh, light and lemony, it has a mousse-like texture.

Second Tier
350g - Cow, Thermised, Vegetarian
Waterloo is soft, rich and buttery, like a hollandaise sauce, but with a lactic finish emanating from its centre. Made by Anne and Andy Wigmore in Berkshire, Waterloo was originally made with Guernsey milk from the Duke of Wellington’s estate. Anne and Andy wash the curds to lower the acidity, which gives the cheese a gentle, sweet flavour.

Third Tier
1.1kg - Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian
Colston Bassett Baby Stilton is an intensely rich and creamy cheese, which is produced by hand-ladling. Its flavour is deep, lingering and complex, with a smooth, velvety paste. The ‘Baby’ version is made to the same exacting standards as their big brothers, with the same rich and full flavour

Bottom Tier
2kg - Cow, Pasteurised
Devon Oke cheese dates back to the 17th century and is thought to be even older than Cheddar. Rachel Stephens discovered the recipe only 20 years ago and was delighted to be able to recreate a lost tradition.


Diameter of Base (approx) 18.5cm
Height (approx) 23.5cm
Serves 35-50
Weight (approx) 3.7kg

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