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Dating back over 5 centuries in local parish records the relationship with gin started 3 generations ago, with the advent of great grandmothers sloe gin recipe.  As was the case for many agricultural labourers of the time, the hedgerows provided a different harvest, to that of the fields, the sloes are still picked from the same trees and bushes. Whilst branching out in the production of gin, the sloe gin is still made in the same way as it always was, all those years ago, in the family farmhouse, hence it's name.

Norfolk Farmhouse Gin reflects where it is made and the history of the farm building in which it is produced.  All gins are made in small batches in a farm based distillery, located in an old dairy building. Every bottle of gin created includes botanicals sourced on the farm. The spirits are distilled in custom built milk churn stills, each named after some of the cows originally milked there

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