Candi's Chutney

Having spent 30 years as a professional chef Candice Robertson has perfected a very different product. All of her chutneys are her own recipes and have evolved over many years of experimentation, which has resulted in a quality Chutney, apart from the Non-Mango Mango Chutney which is an old Kashmiri Chutney recipe passed down from a good friend's grandmother! 

Only the very best quality Great British grown produce is used. This has resulted in a variety of Chutney to choose from. Keep coming back to see what's new because apart from a Store Cupboard range of flavours Candi creates a range of Seasonal Flavours. Experience everything from her Original Cueucmber & Norfolk Gin Relish to her Unique Norfolk Asparagus Chutney, They are all limited editions and are only here for the season! When they're gone they're gone until the following year.

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