Celebration Cheese Towers - The Facts


A wedding cheese cake is a selection of cheeses stacked to give the effect of a traditional tiered wedding cake. 



Choosing a wedding cheese cake, which is essentially a tiered arrangement of various whole cheeses, can be an innovative and delightful alternative to traditional wedding cakes for several reasons:

  1. Unique and Memorable: A wedding cheese cake can be a distinctive feature that stands out in your wedding. It's a creative choice that can make your celebration memorable for guests who might be more accustomed to traditional sweet cakes.

  2. Catering to Different Tastes: Not everyone has a sweet tooth. Offering a cheese cake can be a delightful surprise for guests who prefer savoury options. It can cater to a wider range of tastes and dietary preferences.

  3. Pairing with Wines: Cheese cakes pair exceptionally well with wine, which can elevate your wedding's dining experience. You can arrange a wine and cheese tasting as part of the reception, adding an element of sophistication and interaction.

  4. Visual Appeal: Just like traditional cakes, cheese cakes can be beautifully decorated with fruits, flowers, and herbs, creating an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece that can be as elegant and eye-catching as any conventional wedding cake.

  5. Customisation: You can customise a cheese cake to include a variety of cheeses that you and your partner love. This allows a personal touch, reflecting your tastes and making the cake more meaningful.

  6. Flexibility in Serving: Cheese cakes can be a versatile choice for different wedding formats. They can be served as part of the main meal, as a separate cheese course, or even as a part of a more casual, grazing-style reception.

  7. Reduced Waste: Cheese can often be preserved longer than traditional cake, reducing the potential for waste. Leftover cheese can be enjoyed later, unlike a traditional cake which might not keep as well.

  8. Dietary Considerations: For guests who are gluten-intolerant or avoiding sugar, a cheese cake can be a thoughtful alternative.

  9. Cost-Effective: Depending on your selection of cheeses, a cheese cake can sometimes be more cost-effective than a traditional wedding cake.

  10. Seasonal Adaptability: You can select cheeses that are at their best during the season of your wedding, ensuring the freshest and most flavourful experience for your guests.

Overall, a wedding cheese cake can add a unique, personal, and sophisticated touch to your celebration, delighting guests with something unexpected and delicious.



A cheese tower, with its versatile and sophisticated appeal, is an excellent addition to a wide range of events beyond just weddings. Here are some types of events where a cheese tower could be a highlight:


  1. Wine Tasting Events: A cheese tower pairs perfectly with wine, enhancing the flavors and offering a delightful tasting experience.

  2. Corporate Events and Galas: Add a touch of elegance to corporate gatherings or formal galas with a cheese tower. It's a classy way to cater to diverse tastes.

  3. Birthday Parties: For adults or anyone who prefers savory over sweet, a cheese tower can be a unique and appreciated centerpiece at birthday celebrations.

  4. Holiday Parties: Whether it's Christmas, New Year's Eve, or Thanksgiving, a cheese tower can be a festive and tasty addition to the holiday spread.

  5. Anniversary Celebrations: Celebrate milestones with a sophisticated cheese tower, offering a variety of flavors to mark the special occasion.

  6. Engagement Parties and Bridal Showers: A cheese tower can be a chic and enjoyable feature in these celebrations, offering an alternative to traditional sweet treats.

  7. Art Exhibitions and Cultural Events: For events that attract a diverse and sophisticated crowd, a cheese tower can provide an elegant culinary experience.

  8. Networking and Social Mixers: Cheese towers can facilitate mingling and conversation, making them ideal for networking events or social gatherings.

  9. Family Reunions: Cater to all age groups and preferences in a family gathering with a cheese tower that offers something for everyone.

  10. Brunch Gatherings: Incorporate a cheese tower into a brunch setup for a savory option that complements mimosas and other brunch beverages.

  11. Culinary Events and Food Festivals: A cheese tower can be a centerpiece in events that celebrate food and culinary arts.

  12. Retirement Parties: Mark the celebration of a significant career milestone with a distinguished and delightful cheese tower.

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