Whin Hill Cider

Whin Hill Norfolk Cider began in a small way in 1993 with friends Jim Fergusson and Pete Lynn making cider from spare apples from the garden and what could be begged from friends and acquaintances. Initially, all cider not drunk by themselves was sold to local pubs.

The cider was characteristic of that produced in the Eastern counties; strong, sharp and a bit thin. Jim and Pete realised that in order to produce a more mellow, full-bodied cider they would need to have their own orchard to grow the apples necessary to produce the style of cider they wanted to produce.

Whin Hill Norfolk Cider was conceived in the spring of 1994 when 1000 real cider apple trees where purchased from Herefordshire. With delivery of the trees planned for December 1994, Jim and Pete spent several fraught months through the Autumn of 1994 desperately seeking a suitable area of land in which to plant their Orchard. Eventually, after several failed attempts at buying land Jim and Pete finally secured a beautiful plot of land in the rural Norfolk village of Stanhoe which is conveniently located just some ten miles from their base in Wells-next-the-Sea

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