About Us

We opened The Norfolk Deli in 2014 on a cold January morning with a clear idea of the type of place we wanted to be.

We wanted to offer customers what we would describe as a "Real Deli". In our view, a real Deli focuses on food. It focuses on provenance. It's the type of place which takes you a culinary journey.  It excites and makes you hungry. 

A Real Deli isn't a health food shop. It's where you discover something new. It's a place which stocks items not found in a supermarket.  The awards we have won since opening suggests to us that the vision we had when we opened the shop is a vision shared.

Norfolk's Online Farmers Market.

In February 2017 we launched "Showcase Saturdays". Twice a month one or more of our local Norfolk producers would join us to showcase their products. They are always popular, as they resembled a mini farmer's market. Let's face it everybody loves a good farmer's market.  This gave our customers a chance to meet the producer, sample their products and then take some home.

Over the last few years, we noticed the growth in the number of Farmer's Markets held. Such is the popularity that it's impossible for producers to attend them all. It's not always possible to guarantee customers that they can restock the following month. We also appreciate that many visitors to farmer's markets are visitors to Norfolk. Where do you go to restock on a particular Norfolk jam, chutney or mustard if you live in London and beyond? 

For this reason, we've launched Norfolk's Online Farmer's Market. Take a stroll through the largest online range of Norfolk products. Stop by The Norfolk Cheese Shop, pair some Norfolk cheese with some Norfolk Ales, or wines. Put everything into a single basket and take advantage of having to pay only one delivery charge. Or spend over £100 and have your products sent to you anywhere in the UK for free.

Come and Visit Norfolk, visit the farmer's markets, try some of our great produce. Once you're home you can then visit the Online Farmers Market and restock on your favourites. Try some products you didn't try. Why not buy one of our Hampers? Choose between pre-configured hampers or create a bespoke hamper online.

A visit to the Norfolk's Online Farmer's Market allows you to share your new love of Norfolk produce with your friends, colleagues and clients.


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