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A fabulous combination of a traditional Cheshire and the best of luscious French cheeses: a fruity cross between a Brie and a Camembert; a rich, creamy blue, and a light but full-flavoured goats’ milk cheese. Serves 45 to 60 People.

Top tier
Bondon fleur de sel
200g - Goat, soft firm and moussey. Approachable goatiness walnutty with a salty finish 

a twist on a classic from Poitou-Charentes, salted by hand, ripened to perfection in caves where they may develop a thin rind with occasional grey green speckling 

Second tier
600g - Cow, Pasteurised
A succulent and classic blue from the Auvergne.
The cheese is aged for ten weeks by affineur Xavier Morin, to create the richest creamiest texture. Fourme d’Ambert has a delicate blue flavour, and is soft and smooth.

Third tier
Copys Cloud 
700g - Cow, pasteurised A gem of a Norfolk cheese from Mrs Temple , soft and delicate 

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2.6kg - Cow, Raw Milk
Appleby’s Cheshire is a unique, complex cheese, with a crumbly texture and a zesty, full-bodied and tangy flavour. Cheshire is in fact Britain’s oldest cheese, having been made since before Roman times. The Appleby family make traditional, farmhouse, raw milk, cloth-bound Cheshire cheese, the only one of its kind, using milk from their own herd of cows.

Diameter of Base (approx) 19cm
Height (approx) 25.5cm
Serves 45-60
Weight (approx) 4.2kg

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