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12" Wicker Hampers

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12" wicker hampers are ideal for a small number of small-sized products (wine bottles will not fit). Use our sample image as a guide to what can be included in this hamper. These hampers are fitted with faux leather handles, hinges, and straps. Our natural wicker hampers are made from top quality autumn willow that we avoid spraying with any nasty stains and varnishes.

Willow is a sustainable crop that grows in abundance and is cropped regularly throughout the year. To achieve its premium darker colour, the wicker is boiled for several hours until it reaches its natural matte finish. The great thing about this process is that essentially each empty wicker hamper is unique.

Wicker hampers are hand-made so the size and colour will vary slightly from batch to batch. We think this adds to its charm.


External Size: W30 x H10 x D18 (cm)

Internal Size: W27.5 x H7 x D15 (cm)


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