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Created by Joan and Alwin Cross in Teesdale, Cotherstone cheese is related to Wensleydale and Swaledale and named after a village and parish in County Durham in England.

Suitable for vegetarians, this semi-hard, farmhouse cheese is made from unpasteurised, full-fat Jersey cow’s milk. Cotherstone belongs to a group called ‘Dale style’ cheeses which are soft and crumbly in texture, lemony and slightly tangy to taste and tend to be eaten younger.

There are two versions of Cotherstone - a white version and blue-veined version which is sometimes referred to as "Yorkshire Stilton".

Cotherstone is normally used in the preparation of tarts and pastry dishes. It teams well with a Sauvignon

Please note all cheeses are hand-cut, therefore the weights listed are approximate. We work very hard to cut them as accurately as we can!


Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cow
Organic No
Pasteurisation Unpasterueised
Region Cotherstone - Teeside
Strength Of Cheese Mature - Strong
Style Of Cheese Hard
Vegetarian Yes


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