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A show-stopping mix of classic and modern cheeses: a full-flavoured, traditional West Country Cheddar; a delicious, rich blue; a pair of sinfully creamy softs, all topped by a light and crumbly sheep’s milk cheese. Serves 180 to 270 People.

Top tier
300g - Sheep, Thermised, Vegetarian
Made in the Chew Valley and named after a cavern in the nearby Mendip Hills, Lamb Leer is a delicate sheep’s milk cheese. The bloomy white coat conceals an intriguing interplay of textures. The paste just under the rind becomes supple as it begins to break down, while the core remains crumbly.
The flavour is a delicate balance of sweetness with a hint of almonds and a fruity acidity. 


Second tier
1.2kg - Cow, Pasteurised
A triple cream cheese from the Île-de-France. Each cheese is made from six litres of whole milk, and enriched with homemade crème fraîche for a delicious, rich and yet delicate taste.


Third tier
2.2kg - Cow, Pasteurised
Enriched with double cream for a rich texture and buttery taste. This delicate cheese has the texture of ice cream, and is covered with a thin rind and a light white coat. The interior is velvety, sumptuous and mellow.


Fourth tier
7.5kg - Cow, Pasteurised
Made by the Cropwell Bishop Dairy, a family company that has been making Stilton for generations. Beauvale is a departure from the most traditional of British blue cheeses. Inspired by softer, milder European cheeses like Gorgonzola Dolce, it is delicate, rich and buttery.


Bottom tier
6.5kg - Cow, Raw Milk
Made by George Keen and his family, Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar is moist, tangy and powerful. At least an extra six months spent in the family’s maturing rooms gives this Cheddar even more stunning complexity and richness.

Diameter of Base (approx) 33.0cm
Height (approx) 35.0cm
Serves 180-270
Weight (approx) 17.7kg

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