Super Dense Classic Balsamic 250ml

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A naturally dense, rich and luscious balsamic vinegar glaze. Made with Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes from single-estate vineyards in the province of Modena, this super thick dark balsamic glaze is a harmonious combination of tartness and sweetness, which adds dimension to marinades and dressings. Our natural Super Dense Balsamic Glaze is also thick enough to use for finishing dishes.

The finest chefs’ glaze: super thick and perfect for enhancing the flavour and presentation of dishes.

  • Naturally dense, sweet organic balsamic glaze
  • No thickening agents - the density is from natural reduction
  • Free from added sulphites – only naturally occurring antioxidants
  • Use to finish dishes, enrich sauces and add to desserts


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