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Normal for Norfolk

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Normal for Norfolk


You're not going to find this range of products elsewhere but for us it's just normal 4 norfolk


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The Normal for Norfolk gift hamper for a little of luxury from The Norfolk Deli


  • Garden Pantry - Jams made using produce homegrown & local Norfolk produce.
  • Seasons Bounty - Great Taste award winning jams/marmalades
  • Leighs Bees Honey - Great tasting seasonal honey.
  • Norfolk Cookie Company - Yummy cookies made in Norfolk
  • Candi's Chutney - seasonal chutneys made by the queen of Norfolk Chutneys.
  • Norfolk Cordial - leave us to choose you something suitable for the season
  • Chillies Calore - Great tasting chutneys made from their own chillies.
  • Norfolk Punch - centuries old this non alcoholic drink was made by benedictine monks.
  • Rocketship Chilli sauces - you'll be sent one from a range of sauces each with a depth of flavour which packs a punch
  • Ampersand Brewery - a wonderful innovative craft brewery, The beers change throughout the year, we'll include whatever is brewing at time of purchase.
  • Black Shuck Distillery - Sample one of the Gin's from this Norfolk distillery alongside one of their other offerings.


Choose one of three packaging options. 
Each includes a card where we'll hand write messages

  • Box - Everything is individually wrapped in tissue paper & carefully packed in our eco-friendly presentation box. 
  • Tray - Gift wrapped card tray.
  • Hamper - A gift wrapped wicker hamper. (We're sorry to say that due to the nationwide desire for hampers this year wicker hamper have now sold out)


Whatever the season, whatever the reason Norfolk Deli Hampers make the perfect gift.


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