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1549 (previously called Holkham Bay) espresso blend consists of 1/3 Inza Cauca (Colombia), 1/3 ‘Don Alfonso’ Red Obata (Costa Rica) & 1/3 Finca Montes Urales (El Salvador).

The Costa Rican beans are the first bought from the famous Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica. This special micro-lot is named ‘Don Alfonso’ after Don Alfonso Robelo, patriarch of one of the owning families of the estate who took over farm management in 1992. 
The Finca Montes Urales beans in the blend are 100% Pacamara and have a distinct chocolate and strawberry flavour. Pacamara beans are desirable for their size and flavour.
The Inza Cauca beans are produced by 52 dedicated smallholder farmers from the towns of Pedregal and San Antonio, in the municipality of Inza. Every single micro-lot scored 85 points or over in the cupping lab.

1549 is delicious as an espresso, long black or flat white and equally as good with a more milky drink such as a cappuccino or latte. 




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