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This area of the country is lucky to have not one but two fabulous and multi-award-winning cheesemakers both located within yards of each other.

Luscious milk from Fen Farm Dairies Montbelliarde cows is used to deliver some of the tastiest cheeses available. Not only that but Fen Farm is also at the cutting edge helping reduce methane emissions. Trialing a new feed supplement made from waste garlic & citrus pulp which has been shown to reduce emissions by 30%

Furthermore,  buy a cheesebox from The Norfolk Deli we a tree will be planted in your name.

Included in this cheesebox is 

  • Fen Farm - Baron Bigod 250g truckle
  • Fen Farm - Truffle Baron 250g
  • St Jude - Individual truckle 90g
  • St Helena-  250g (not shown)
  • Peter's Yard sourdough crackers

Why not add a local Norfolk beer or wine to your order? Give this a go and try something different, you might find a new favorite? 

Please Note: All cheeses are hand cut and hand wrapped so weights are approximate, we work hard to ensure that the weights are as accurate as we can make them.

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