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After Dinner Lux

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We've brought together some wonderful cheeses to create a wonderful after-dinner cheese board. The After Dinner Lux includes the following

  • 5 different pieces of cheese from Norfolk & its immediate borders
  • 3 additional kinds of cheese including one from the Ethical Cheese Co & two special alcohol washed Italian cheeses.
  • Candi's Seasonal Christmas chutney
  • Fine cheese co - cheesey nibbles.
  • Bungay butter.
  • Seggianno Lingue handmade crisp bread.
  • Archangel Distillery - Cardinalis Fortified Sloe Wine (Norfolk's answer to Port)

The picture is for illustrative purposes only, as the cheeses may differ from week to week depending on the availability and seasonality of the cheese. . What we can guarantee is that you will receive 8 wonderful pieces of cheese, a superb sparkling and dessert wine to compliment  your cheese, some of the finest crackers and some tasting notes


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