Babus Vineyard

Babu's vineyard is a small artisan vineyard and winery in Weston Longville growing, producing, and bottling award-winning wines. Amongst its many awards were a GOLD medal in 2018 and the WineGB East Anglia trophy for the best white wine in the region. 

 The vineyard was planted in 2010 when Peter Ross retired and, thanks to his friends who helped prepare the ground, plant the vines, and erect the trellising, fulfilled his dream to have a vineyard. Inspired by the success the winery was built a few years later. The harvest, which marks the start of the winemaking, remains a great social tradition in the village, and picking is followed by a traditional pickers' gallic lunch, naturally accompanied by fine wine!

 The vineyard gets its name from the Swahili for "grandfather", a family tradition that started when his daughter was born whilst his father was in East Africa. Peter became a Babu himself with the birth of his granddaughter Erin, followed by Joseph, Amelia, and Edith, hence the vineyard's name. 

The Vineyard consists of around 800 vines made up of the Rondo vine, from which the rose is made, and the Solaris vine which is used for the white wine.  Both vines are grown in Northern Germany and Southern Denmark and so are ideally suited to Norfolk. The vineyard was amongst the first in the country to plant the now popular Solaris vine from which we have made some outstanding wines. We hope you will enjoy them!

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