Blackshuck Distillery

According to folklore Black Shuck takes the form of a large shaggy black dog with huge flaming red eyes the size of saucers.  He haunts the lanes and footpaths, particularly along the East Anglian coastline.

No-one knows for sure where Black Shuck came from.  Some believe that the demon dog has its origins in Norse mythology and that he accompanied the God, Thor, to Great Britain on the Viking longboats thousands of years ago.

Others believe that a Danish fisherman, a Saxon fisherman, and a black dog got into trouble whilst out fishing.  The body of the Danish fisherman was washed up at Beeston, while the body of the Saxon fisherman washed up at Overstrand and the dog, Black Shuck, has roamed the coastline in between looking for his masters ever since.

Some tales recall that Black Shuck acts as a protector to lone women, or guide to lost travelers.  More sinister stories tell how the Black Shuck is a bad omen to the observer.  You’ll be pleased to learn that should you have the misfortune of meeting the Black Shuck yourself, there is an antidote to any misfortune he might otherwise send your way.

A glass of any Black Shuck liqueurs or Premium gin will fill you with enough good spirit to counteract any bad spirits!

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