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Raised by Laxton Bros, Bedford in 1904 from a Cox’s Orange Pippin X Wealthy, the variety was introduced in 1931 and was once grown commercially in the UK. Received RHS First Class Certificate in 1948.

Medium-sized fruit. Short-round-conical shape. Distinctly rounded ribs at the apex. Red flush and short, broad, broken bright red stripes over a pale green background becoming pale yellow. Some russet patches. Creamy white flesh, moderately firm, juicy, sweet and lightly aromatic. May lack taste if picked too early, so best left on the tree as long as possible to colour and develop flavour.

A tree of moderate vigour. Hardy. Good cropper. Biennial bearer.

Tasting Notes

A much loved and ever popular fruit, this dessert applies one of the varieties that are sweet enough to be eaten ‘straight from the tree’. One of the delights for any home gardener is watching apples ripen on the tree and then deciding which ones are ready to be harvested. The juice is sweet with a hint of pear.

Sweetness Chart 5

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