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Honey & Vanilla Spice 70cl

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This modern take on a classic drink inspired by Norfolk.  Simple, yet complex. The signature rum is combined with Norfolk honey and vanilla, making it remarkably smooth and perfectly sip-able!  If you’re not a rum fan, we would encourage you to try this, It’s the ideal way to begin your love affair with rum.  The subtle aroma of vanilla is followed by the smooth warmth of Norfolk honey with a gentle note of caramel.  We love it neat, over ice, but It’s also stunning mixed with ginger beer with a generous sprig of mint, or as an ingredient for a cocktail.  Perfect for a warm summer night, winter's evening, oh heck, any day in any season!

All of our rums and rum liqueurs are distilled using traditional methods, fermented in small-batch copper stills and 100% molasses, and most importantly inspired by Norfolk.

70cl 40% Vol

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