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The perfect selection of cheeses in miniature: a full-flavoured Brie-style cheese, a rich and creamy blue, a moreish hard cheese reminiscent of Cheddar, and a tiny, tasty goats’ milk cheese. Serves 20 to 30 People.

Top tier
80g - Goat, Raw Milk
Matured to develop intense, aromatic flavours, and a soft, fluffy coat that becomes more wrinkled in time. The floral flavours are balanced by deeper nuttier tones. A true classic among the many French goats’ cheeses.

Second tier
450g - Cow, Pasteurised
Curworthy Baby is the little sister of Devon Oke, which dates back to the 17th century, and is thought to be even older than Cheddar. Rachel Stephen’s cows’ milk cheese has a smooth yet firm texture, and a mellow, creamy flavour. She washes the curds to give a flavour that is more mellow and sweeter than Cheddar.

Third tier
500g - Cow, Pasteurised
A succulent and classic blue from the Auvergne. The cheese is aged for ten weeks by affineur Xavier Morin, to create the richest creamiest texture. Fourme d’Ambert has a delicate blue flavour, and is soft and smooth.

Bottom tier
700g - Cow, Raw Milk
A soft cheese with a supple texture. The flavour has savoury and sweet notes, with a full finish. The cheese is adorned with a fern leaf, the earthiness of which blends with the natural aroma of the cheese.

Diameter of Base (approx) 15.5cm
Height (approx) 17.5cm
Serves 20-30
Weight (approx) 1.88kg


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