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A four-tier cake with an exceptional mix of varieties. Featuring a trio of classic British favourites: a Welsh Cheddar, a British Brie, and an impeccably creamy Stilton. To top it all off, there is a full-flavoured washed-rind cheese from the Champagne region of France. Serves 55 to 80 People. 

Top tier
180g - Cow, Thermised
An aromatic cheese from Champagne. Only turned once to form the crater at its centre, the cheese is washed to create Langres’ characteristic surface and voluptuous interior.

Second tier
1.1kg - Cow, Pasteurised
Colston Bassett Baby Stilton is an intensely rich and creamy cheese, which is produced by hand-ladling. Its flavour is deep, lingering and complex, with a smooth, velvety paste. The ‘Baby’ version is made to the same exacting standards as their big brothers, with the same rich and full flavour.

Third tier
1kg - Cow, Raw Milk 
Baron Bigod is a stunning Brie-style cheese, with a rich, full, earthy flavour and a lingering finish. It’s made by Jonny Crickmore from the milk of his own herd of Montbeliarde cows in Suffolk. Jonny likes the cheese best when its wrinkly coat has broken down the golden, buttery paste under the rind, while a thin line of lactic curd at the centre remains.

Bottom tier
3.4kg - Cow, Pasteurised
A Welsh, organic ‘Cheddar’, hand-made by Rob Howard and the Holden family from the milk of the family’s own Ayrshire herd. It is buttery, rich, nutty and earthy, with a hint of sharpness and a long finish.
Diameter of Base (approx) 23.0cm
Height (approx) 24.0cm
Serves 55-80
Weight (approx) 5.68kg

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