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A Norfolk Deli Wedding Cheesecake is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding in style. Our cheese wedding cakes are made from the finest English and Continental cheeses perfectly ripened to create a stunning and lasting talking point.

The Norfolk Deli "Norfolk" is a customer favourite offering a true taste of some of the best cheeses in Norfolk.

Notice Required

We can only accept orders with a minimum of 10 (working days) notice. This ensures that we have the time to order your cheeses and make sure that everything is in order before it is sent out to you.

This wedding cheesecake serves between 55 - 90 people.

  • Norfolk White Lady
    Brie-like in appearance and taste, however unlike a traditional Brie this is made with ewes' milk which makes this tangy and slightly stronger than a traditional Brie
    Weight: 170gKg Diameter 10cm: Depth:2cm

  • Binham Blue 
    A soft, blue-veined cheese made from pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian & Swiss Brown cows which graze near Wells-Next-The-Sea. Made with vegetarian rennet, the cheese has a pale-yellow interior
    It has a creamy texture and a tasty and luxurious flavour which is not overwhelming, but full of character. It is more like Gorgonzola than Stilton.
    Weight: 1.3Kg Diameter 15cm: Depth:7cm

  • Wissington
    A Ewe's Milk cheese, firm in texture with a very pleasant flavour, with passing similarities to a Manchego or Pecorino Fresco.
    Weight: 1.3Kg Diameter 18cm: Depth:6cm

  • Baron Bigod
    Baron Bigod is an exquisite, bloomy unpasteurised cow's milk brie-style cheese. It is a large 28cm diameter round cheese, made in the style of a good Brie de Meaux with the unique and delicate milky flavours of the Montbeliarde cow's milk, combined with rich, earthy mushroom notes
    Weight 1kg, Diameter 20cm, Depth 4cm
    • Norfolk Dapple
      Norfolk Dapple is an unpasteurised clothbound hard cow’s milk cheese with a dappled rind. The cheese has won a number of awards including silver & bronze awards in the British Cheese Awards. 

      This is a cheese which is smooth and creamy. Cheddar-like cheese with a hint of nuttiness in the lingering aftertaste. Mature and full flavoured with a dry and hard texture
      Weight: 3Kg Diameter 24cm: Depth:6cm

    Please note:
    These are artisan-handmade cheeses. Their sizes and weights differ as does the texture of the cheese throughout the course of the year. Weights & diameters are approximate and may be slightly different to what was measured and weighed when we created this cheese tower.

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