Cheeky Nibble

Hi, my name is Marietta and I am the founder of Cheeky Nibble...

Cheeky Nibble was born to recreate the childlike joy of enjoying truly delicious breakfast cereal whilst reading a morning comic. 

All the flavours are inspired by the nostalgic British desserts of our childhood and our favourite adult treats. Cheeky Nibble puts back the fun, indulgent and delicious start to your morning. No need to root around looking for those elusive oat clusters anymore! Every box of Cheeky Nibble guarantees the BIG CRUNCHY CLUSTERS that we all love.

This granola is vegan and nut-free, and with 100% compostable packaging, you can have an indulgent breakfast, with a clear conscience. Making Cheeky Nibble the delicious AND ethical choice. 

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