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The Burnham Taster

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Interested in buying the Burnham Wedding cheese tower, but not sure if you like the cheeses? Why not buy yourself the Burnham taster? 150g of each cheese, a box of cracker and some chutneys we believe would go well with the cheeses. P&P included

  • The Godminster -150g
    Vintage Organic Cheddar rich in flavour, both sweet and savoury, with a smooth texture.


  • Binham Blue - 150g
    A soft blue veined cheese made from pasteurised milk from Holstein Friesian & Swiss Brown cows which graze near Wells-Next-The-Sea. Made with a vegetarian rennet, the cheese has a pale yellow interior
    It has a creamy texture and a tasty and luxurious flavour which is not overwhelming, but full of character. It is more like Gorgonzola than Stilton.


  • White Lady - 150g
    Brie like in appearance and taste, however unlike a traditional Brie this is made with ewes milk which makes this tangy and slightly stronger than a traditional Brie. 

  • Black Bomber - 150g
    This is a modern classic. A cheese which marries a delicious flavour with a smooth creaminess, lasting long on the palate but remaining forever moreish
  • Candi's Chutney
    A jar of her wonderful Spicy Carrot and Parsnip & Chilli chutney. For a wider variety of chutneys click here.

  • Peters Yard Crackers
    Peter's Yard brings the very best of Swedish baking. The crispbreads are made using naturally fermenting sourdough using Shipton Mill organic flour and the best natural ingredients found. For a wider selection click here


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