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Interested in buying the Castle Rising Wedding cheese tower, but not sure if you like the cheeses? Why not buy yourself the Castle Rising taster? 150g of each cheese, a box of cracker and some chutneys we believe would go well with the cheeses. P&P included

  • Mrs Temples - Copys Cloud - 150g
    With a fluffy white rind Copy's cloud has the appearance of a Brie but is milder in taste with a buttery melting centre. The perfect addition to a summer's day picnic and a nice dry white wine.


  • Murcia Al'Vino - 150g
    On the outside, the rind appears purple, characteristic of red wine baths during maturation. 
    The pate is semi-soft with small eyes, ivory white, slightly acidic and creamy to taste


  • Manchego - 150g
    Viejo - Manchego cheese aged for a year becomes crumbly in texture while the interior of the cheese acquires a butterscotch colour. It has a sweet, lingering taste. A Ewes milk cheese.

  • Blacksticks Blue - 150g
    The cheese is aged for about eight weeks during which it develops a distinctive amber hue along with a delicious creamy smooth yet tangy taste. It is soft enough to spread onto a slice of bread or cracker as well as used in cooking.
  • Candi's Chutney
    A jar of her wonderful Spicy Carrot and Parsnip & Chilli chutney. For a wider variety of chutneys click here.

  • Peters Yard Crackers
    Peter's Yard brings the very best of Swedish baking. The crispbreads are made using naturally fermenting sourdough using Shipton Mill organic flour and the best natural ingredients found. For a wider selection click here



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