Norfolk Deli Cheese Box

Town & Country

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We're bringing together some wonderful urban cheeses and [lacing them alongside some of our favourite local Norfolk cheese. The result being the "Town & Country" cheese board.

This cheeseboard includes the following.

  • 4 different cheese representing Norfolk
  • 4 representing urban made cheese.
  • Peter's Yard multipack with 3 different flavours of sourdough crackers.
  • Flint Vineyard Sparkling Charmat
  • Burn Valley Norfolk dessert wine.

The picture is for illustrative purposes only, as the cheeses may differ from week to week depending on the availability and seasonality of the cheeses in question. What we can guarantee is that you will receive 8 wonderful pieces of cheese, a superb sparkling and dessert wine to complement your cheese, some of the finest crackers suited to enhance the enjoyment of the cheese and some tasting notes to inform and delight.


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