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Following a year in lockdown it's likely you want to really make the most of your freedom. Delivery of The "Weekender" to your Norfolk Hideaways cottage on the North Norfolk Coast kicks things off in the best way possible. Filled with enough to nibble when you arrive & breakfast the following morning. 

PLEASE NOTE. This hamper is only available to people staying at a Norfolk Hideaways Holiday home/cottage and is not available for a next-day courier service. When booking please include your delivery address (name of the cottage & location) and arrival date. Leave the rest to us, we'll make sure this is in your cottage waiting for your arrival. Alternatively, you can choose the click & collect option and pick this up from the Deli on your way to your holiday home.

The following items are included in this hamper.

  • Norfolk Coffee Company Coffee (ground)
  • Norfolk Tea - Breakfast tea.
  • Semi Skimmed Milk (not shown)
  • Candi's Chutney - Seasonal Chutney
  • Bungay Butter  Raw milk butter.
  • Marsh Pig, Salami Selection pack.
  • Savoury Crackers suitable for cheese (not shown)
  • Norfolk Dapple (unpasteurised cows milk cheddar style cheese)
  • St Jude/St Cera - whichever is available a soft raw cows milk cheese
  • Binham Blue - cows milk blue made by Mrs Temples
  • Copy's Cloud - cows milk soft Brie/Camembert style cheese made by Mrs Temples
  • Olive Snacks - Bag of olives to snack on
  • 1 x large bag of hand cooked crisps
  • Doggie Treats - we know many people visit with their dogs, we don't want them to miss out. Don't have a dog? let us know & we'll put something else in for you.

Customers can also add from a range of breakfast patisserie baked on the premises.

If you want to have something ready to pop into the oven when you arrive in the evening, look at our Lazy catering options. Everything's made-to-order by The Norfolk Deli using only the best and freshest local ingredients. Alternate milk is also available to order online.

The picture is for illustrative purposes only!  We reserve the right to make appropriate changes that reflect seasonality & availability.  Contents are delivered and placed in a fridge (where applicable) this is not delivered in a Hamper/box. This is not suitable for courier delivery.


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