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Nduja 100g

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This spicy, smooth, spreadable salami is one of our most versatile and sexy British cured meat and is the perfect addition to almost every dish.

Watch it melt into punchy puddles of Pork fat on a pizza, cook it in with your pasta or a stew, soups, baste or marinate it over your meats and/or vegetables for the BBQ,  add to anything in a roasting tray, or use it to dip your bread or crackers into.

Best Nduja in the UK!

Got this to make one of my favourite dishes from Padella during the lockdown, and I have never been disappointed!

Ingredients - British Pork, Hungarian Paprika, Salt, Aleppo Chili, Brazilian Chili, Kashmiri Chili.  Cayenne E250, E252    


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