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Kateshi Estate - Zambia

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This is our first coffee from Zambia and we are very impressed with the high quality. The beans roast slightly darker than we normally aim for but the result is a very flavoursome coffee. 

This specially prepared, naturally processed coffee comes from the Kateshi Estate in Northern province of Zambia. The estate is Rainforest Alliance certified.

This coffee is naturally processed on raised African beds. Cherries are selectively harvested before being handpicked to ensure only the ripest, highest quality are processed. The selected cherries are dried on African beds for 18-24 days depending on ambient conditions. Shade nets are used to diffuse sunlight and ensure an even drying process. Once the optimum moisture content has been reached the coffee is rested in a cool environment before being milled, graded by bean size, and sorted to remove any remaining defects. 

The Northern province of Zambia shares its borders with Tanzania to the East and D.R. Congo to the North. It also occupies the southern shore of Lake Tanganyika – the world’s longest fresh-water lake, and the largest in Africa by volume. The Northern Province has the best conditions for arabica coffee cultivation in Zambia with its relative proximity to the equator and abundant altitude. The local economy is dominated by agriculture with coffee being a primary cash crop alongside subsistence crops such as maize, millet, groundnuts and beans. The mountainous terrain and lack of transport infrastructure makes this region challenging to work in, but also one most in need of the investment and development which the coffee industry can bring. 

Country: Zambia
Region: Northern Province
Town: Mafinga Hills
Varietal: Catimor 129
Processing: Anaerobic Natural 
Altitude: 1,300 to 1,550 metres above sea level
Owner: Northern Coffee
The total size of Farm: 2,200 hectares 
250g & 1Kg



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