Livarot 350g

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Livarot is from the Calvados region and is probably one of the oldest cheeses of Normandy. It can be easily identified by the 3 -to 5 strands wrapped around it. The uniform look led Livarot to become known as "The Colonel". As is the case with many cheeses, especially true in Normandy, Livarot was a product made with the remaining milk from butter production, which has always been one of Normandy's biggest dairy productions.

Livarot is made with Normande cow's milk. The curd is drained for 24 hours, and then the cheese is dried for 48 hours. The cheese is matured for 21 to 35 days, during which it is washed frequently with brine and in some cases, a natural colouring called rocou. The rind is orange and sticky, while the paste is yellow. On the nose it is pungent, and on the palate it is strong with earthy and bitter notes.

Great with a hoppy beer.


Age 6 Weeks
Country Of Origin France
Milk Type Cow
Organic No
Pasteurisation Unpasteurised
Region Normandy
Strength Of Cheese Creamy
Style Of Cheese Rind Washed
Vegetarian No


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