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Lemongrass Kombucha 300ml

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LA Brewery Lemongrass Kombucha

Perfect for first time kombucha drinkers, light and refreshing, the lemongrass creates a delicately fragrant aroma  

Kombucha is a deliciously tart fermented tea, made by combining tea with a culture of live bacteria. 

L.A Brewery make award winning kombucha. Each bottle is expertly brewed by founder Louise Avery and hand crafted in small batches in our brewery in Suffolk, England. 

Naturally low in sugar and high in friendly bacteria.

Non-alcoholic, gluten free and suitable for vegans. 

Ingredients Lemongrass Kombucha: Filtered water, Green Tea, Black Tea, Organic Sugar (GB-ORG-05), Kombucha Cultures, Lemongrass Extract


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