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Soft and unctuous, this delicious double-cream cheese is made by Charlie Westhead at Neal’s Yard Creamery.

Based on the classic double-cream cheeses of France, Finn was one of Britain’s first double-cream cheeses, and is made using the cream of the milk enriched with double cream.

Finn develops light mushroom and walnut flavours, and a smooth ice cream texture starts lactic and creamy. 

The milk comes from the farm next door.  The herd is Friesian and Jersey, which gives an added richness to the milk.

Finn has a long setting time. The setting is mainly achieved by acidity rather than by rennet, and the white coat grows slowly on the surface of the cheese before Finn is wrapped and allowed to develop its rich creaminess.

Charlie began making this cheese soon after starting Neal’s Yard Creamery.  He named it after his dog at the time, although Finn rather suitably  means ‘Great White One’ in Irish


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