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Gently Smoked Sherry Cask Whisky

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Limited Small Batch Release

As we move towards Autumn and with social outings curtailed, a gently smoked Single Malt whisky that has been asleep in a wonderful sherry cask for most of its life is all that you need to lift your spirits.

A truly spectacular whisky – well worth a try.

46% ABV


Nose: Gentle smoke with raisins, dried fruit, and candied peel. Dates and maraschino cherries with a hint of marzipan. Lovely notes of soft warm leather. A beautiful waft of lightly charred oak. Taste: Creamy, rich, and oily palate with a soft spicy sweetness. Dry with oaky, woody overtones. The fruits come across with the cherries dominating. Lovely floral hints along with a slightly honeyed after-taste. Fantastic long finish.


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