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CAMPO SANTO is a small farm located between the mountains of Planadas Tolima and El Nevado del Huila in Colombia.

Aurora Salinas runs this small farm with the help of her family and neighbours, She was left with this beautiful piece of land when her husband Emilio disappeared as part of the internal conflict. Since 2008 she took charge and has been growing and producing the most wonderful coffee, with great care and dedication. Most of her co-workers are females and they are very proud of having a consistent crop year after year of this beautiful sweet fruity and aromatic coffee. Aurora is a young and vibrant coffee enthusiast with an entire family learning the trade since toddlers and today is key members in ensuring the quality is always improving with care and dedication. 

Tolima is the third coffee producing region of Colombia with a 12% share of the total.
The total area of Tolima Province is 2.3 million hectares of which 108,700 are planted with coffee. High quality soils and abundant, natural water streams, flowing down from three snow peaked volcanoes with altitudes of up to 5,400 meters, naturally yield a sweet, medium to full bodied mild Arabica coffee, characterized by a very pronounced aroma, medium acidity and a sweet and subtle fruity flavour. Tolima coffees have consistently presented exceptional good cup profiles that position them today amongst the best. Planadas, located 252km south from Ibagué, Tolima’s capital, with a population of approximately 36,000 of which only 11,000 live in the urban area. This province is perhaps one of Colombia’s regions to have withstood FARC guerrilla’s longest presence, though its resilient community found in speciality coffee new hopes to construct a future in a post-conflict era. The hard work of associated farmers of Planadas to obtain certified, high quality coffees is increasingly acknowledged today as they reach new markets worldwide

A clean and complex coffee with refreshing citrus notes, hints of caramel, chocolate and sweet orange


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