Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard

Siskin Solaris White Wine

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Made in South Norfolk at the Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard ar the White Heath plot. This wine is made from the Schonberger grape.

The vintage 2018 was characterised by specific climatic conditions characterised by a few late frosts that caused bud damage, a long dry period commencing from bud burst well into July. In fact, it was one of the hottest and driest summers on record with the highest temperature measure in the vineyard of 37c. It is likely there was some plant stress due to lack of moisture, but the fruit set was good and ripening generally good. The grape size was smaller giving rise to intensity off flavours, especially that of tropical fruits.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance :Clear, medium gold.

Nose: Medium intensity giving aroma characteristics of orange peel, apple and melon.

Palate: The wine is dry with crisp acidity. It is a light wine with medium flavour, intensity giving apple, gooseberry, lemon and lime with hints of lychee. The finish is long.

Food Pairings: Good to drink with mild curries and foods with bold flavours. Serve at 11C. This wine has potential for ageing.

Awards : Winner of a Wine GB Bronze award in July 2019


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