Norfolk Deli Cheese Box

The ‘South West Delights’ Cheeseboard

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Is it cheese you're looking for? The southwest has been famed for its cheese production and these cheeses alone will provide a good example of what you can expect. Everything from a classic cheddar, through to a wonderful gouda.
  • CORNISH GOUDA -  (cow) 200g.
  • CORNISH KERN -  (cow) 200g
  • CORNISH YARG -  (cow) 200g
  • HELFORD BLUE -  (cow) 200g
  • PITCHFORK CHEDDAR - (cow) 200g

The selection comes complete with a box of savoury crackers so the cheeseboard can be enjoyed from the day of delivery. Why not add a local Norfolk beer or wine to your order? Give this a go and try something different, you might find a new favorite? 



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