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A fairly new cheese from the Hampshire Cheese Co – This Vacherin/Camembert cross style cheese is encircled in a spruce collar which gives Winslade its unique and distinctive resinous notes. Matured in the same way as traditional Camembert, Winslade has an unusual pinkish hue and a dappled rind. A ripe Winslade is soft and unctuous with a quiet floral earthiness. Milder than a Camembert, yet superbly rich and gentle on the palate, this is a very popular choice on a Christmas cheeseboard. Hampshire Cheeses have scooped numerous prestigious cheese awards over the year

The individual cheese weighs 200g.


Age 4 - 6 Weeks +
Country Of Origin England
Milk Type Cows
Organic No
Pasteurisation Pasteurised
Region Hampshire
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Creamy
Style Of Cheese Soft
Vegetarian No


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