About - The Norfolk Deli Cafe

^Six years after opening our deli a premises we'd had our eye on for a number of years became available. Two doors away from the deli it would give us the ideal opportunity to offer our customers a space where they could enjoy the produce created by the deli team.

The result is the Norfolk Deli Cafe located less than 50 metres from the Deli

To provide the goods at reasonable prices in a relaxed and friendly environment.

We serve coffee. Really good coffee that has been perfected over time with the help of our suppliers and partners. 100% Arabica. An Italian espresso blend from the undulating hills of the Southern Americas.

From heart warming soups to soothe your soul in the winter to fresh locally sourced crab sandwiches for your beach walk in the summer, the team at Wells Deli are always on the hunt for those truly mouth watering flavours to tantalise those taste buds for days to come.

We serve a delicious selection of cakes to accompany a hot drink or as a dessert while dreaming of your next treat or expedition along our extraordinary coastline.


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