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Wildes Cheese - The Urban Cheesemakers

As farming goes, North London may not be a match for the lush pastured of Norfolk, but since 2012 it has been the source of some great cheese.

The organic milk for Wildes Cheese travels 60 miles north from a small low yielding herd of cows at the Northiam Dairy in Rye, Sussex, to where the magic happens on an industrial unit within the urban enclave of Tottenham.  Before founding the business, Philip Walton has considered leaving the community which had embraced him since his move from Cyprus at the age of 16 to be in a rural setting. This,he felt would enable him to live out his passion for home cheesemaking after leaving a career in management consultancy. But before uprooting from an area he held dear an idea struck him: the gain for London's new -wave brewers, bakers and distillers was brought in so why not milk for his cheese?

At a time soon after the riots he was keen top be party of the area's regeneration so he decided to stay. The first year was largely taken up with trial;s in a unit not much larger than a garage, but a move t larger premises followed, which allowed more than just a space to make enough cheese but also a venue to interest with the customers who would buy it. School visits, courses and events now form a significant part of the business, making use of an asset on the doorstep denied many a cheesemaker: an abundance of cosmopolitan palates eager to taste something new.

It is a sense of the new that is at the heart of the business. From the outset Wildes decided not to follow set recipes but to give each cheese they make a twits  whether it be classical style be it soft, blue or hard. There are over 30 different creations in their portfolio with a core range of 8 (which we are stocking in the Deli. Once a month they create a new cheese which is initially called Brian. This is tested on customers visiting their shop and those which prove to be popular end up being made in larger numbers. One of the cheeses we are hoping to add is one of their newest "White Hart" which we had the privilege of winning their "name a cheese" competition.

We stock the following.

London Blue -  This is a wonderful Blue which at first doesn't actually look like a Blue. Soft white centre, like a liquid Brie but with the speckled blue coat comes a Blue hit that if you love blue cheeses really hits the spot.

Alexandra -  AKA Ally Pally White, is a semi hard artisan hand made cheese originally named after Alexandra Palace.

Aged for 10-12 weeks and made with amazing unhomogenized milk from grass - fed single herd cows, Alexandra, is rich, creamy and smooth textured cheese with buttery and nutty undertones.  Alexandra is a great addition to a cheeseboard and is superb in cooking.

LondonshireMade from fabulous West Sussex Milk, Londonshire is a soft and runny cheese held together by a white velvety fluffy coat. A medium to full strength cheese, just hold back to ripen as per the photo. Londonshire is delicious on cheeseboard  or eating on its own (or with friends).The Londonshire bakes really well, spike with thin slices of garlic, sprinkle with a little rosemary and olive oil and cook fast in hot oven for just a couple of minutes. Serve with toast and pickles.

Napieris a hard cheese, slightly crumbly, yet creamy in texture with a slightly sharp  flavour.  A wonderful addition to any cheeseboard and perfect with a slice of rich fruitcake!

We are incredibly proud that Napier was awarded London's Favourite Cheese in this years Urban Food Awards by the Mayor of London.

St Bruce has been given a regular drink of local Redemption Brewery’s Hopspur Beer to help create the coat. A mellow flavoured cheese, the texture is smooth and yielding. St Bruce sits wonderfully on the cheeseboard served with charcuterie and olives. A terrific melting cheese, this together with Alexandra makes wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Ellis - A lovely little cheese that has a creamy soft rind and a firmer body. This cheese is available





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