Norfolk Vineyards - English Wine Week

Norfolk Vineyards - English Wine Week

Here at the Norfolk Deli we stock more Norfolk wines, than anybody else in Norfolk. Here are the vineyards whose wine is stocked in our cellars and which is available online.

Winbirri Vineyard 

This is probably one of the most decorated and well known vineyards in Norfolk in part due to their success at the Decanter Awards in 2017 when their Bacchus wine beat over 16,000 wines from around the world to wine best in category. 

Winbirri’s owner, grower & winemaker Lee Dyer was thrilled to win this eminent award for his Bacchus 2015. The grapes were grown and the wine made in Surlingham, Norfolk to world acclaim.

Decanter tasting notes: ‘Complex, oily nose with spice, elderflower and citrus. Well-defined on the palate with grassy notes. Very elegant and delicate with a slight spritz and a long, clean finish. A perfect aperitif wine!’ To give the award its full title: Platinum Best in Show: Best White Single-Varietal Wine In The World.  There were more than 17,200 entries in the awards. Never before won by an English vineyard for a still wine.

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Flint Vineyard

The philosophy behind Flint Vineyard is based around two themes: innovation and tradition. This concept is reflected in our logo: a Venn Diagram designed to show these aspects coming together. Winemaker, Ben studied wine production for 3 years and then gained further experience around the world. His interest in wine science combined with time working in traditional wine making regions has shaped his attitude towards wine production. We hope that you find our wines to be exciting, different and a pleasure to drink.

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Chet & Waveney Valley Vineyard.

The Hemmant family have held this land since the beginning of the century. Fred Hemmant, John’s great uncle, maintained a stable of horses which has imbued the soil with great organic content. Deeper down, the soil is sandy loam, gravel and pure sand. Below this is boulder clay. This terroir offers the grapes a well-drained soil that curbs excessive leaf formation and allows a loose soil structure perfect for worm activity and root formation. Each vine has a tap root that eventually hits the boulder clay, offering nutrition and an ample source of water for the vine.

The East Anglian climate offers purging frosts in the periods of dormancy over winter, which allows for the killing of vine diseases. In contrast, its summers bring more sunshine and higher temperatures than the rest of the UK on average, allowing the vineyard’s grapes to ripen well, with vintages are very often determined by the weather in September and October. The area is prone to Indian Summers (meaning the arrival of a period of calm mild weather well into October), giving high sugar and aromaticity in the grapes, with low disease pressure.

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Humbleyard Vineyard

Humbleyard English wines are proud to be part of the new and exciting English wine movement.  Following on from the success of English sparkling and still wines at international competition level, we are striving to continue the success with our own Norfolk still and sparkling wines.  As one of a number of Norfolk vineyards it is an exciting time for the East Anglian region, as there have been notable achievements at national and international competition level.

The slopes of our vineyard fall away to the south, and beyond the crest of the vineyard, framed by a line of ancient oaks, lies the valley where the Humbleyard Hundred, the legislative and taxation court, met on a monthly basis during Anglo-Saxon times.


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Babus Vineyard

Planted in 2009 Babu's vineyard is a small, artisan vineyard and winery in the heart of Norfolk located in the ancient village of Weston Longville (formerly the Saxon settlement of Westum). This is possibly the first ever vineyard to be planted in this area, and certainly the first for a thousand years since the Domesday book was compiled. Following successful early grape harvests Peter decided to establish a winery which has subsequently produced a succession of award winning wines. What started out as a hobby has turned into an artisan family business. You are invited to sample its success through vineyard tours and tastings and of course bottles of the wines.

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South Pickenham.

The South Pickenham Estate vineyard extends to two hectares and was planted by a former owner for private consumption.

Since 2010 the vineyard has been turned into a small commercial enterprise, selling up to 3,000 bottles of its own vintage each year, principally to local pubs and restaurants, but also in cases of six to members of the public.  Delivery can be arranged anywhere on the UK mainland.

Two new varieties of grape, Bacchus and Chardonnay, have been added to the established Seyval Blanc, Muller Thurgau and Schonburger varieties.

The grapes are pressed, fermented and bottled at a Suffolk winery to produce a delicate medium dry white wine which is very refreshing on the palate and has a beautiful aroma. It has citrus undertones and a pleasant light finish.

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Cobble Hill Vineyard

The award winning 3.6 hectare vineyard overlooks the village of Burnham Market on the North Norfolk Coast.

Owned and managed by the Perowne family, the south facing, chalk strata on the edge of a glacial moraine is ideal land for vines and has been a dream of the family for decades. The first grapes were planted in Spring 2016 and the first Bacchus was harvested in Autumn 2019 and bottled in May 2020. The grape varieties being grown are Bacchus, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, allowing the creation of a selection of red, white and rose wines as well as English Sparkling.

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Burn Valley Vineyard

Burn Valley Vineyard truly is a family project.  Located on our family farm in North Creake, we two sisters work alongside our brother who farms the land surrounding the vineyard. The idea of growing grapes was born in 2015 after a ‘eureka!’ moment for our father, John Robinson.  We are immensely proud to call Norfolk our home and wanted to capture its essence in a bottle.  We aim to produce simply the best wines which can be enjoyed amongst your own friends and family

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