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International Day of Happiness

The message for 2021 is “KEEP CALM. STAY WISE. BE KIND” Action for Happiness is a not-for-profit organisation working closely with the United Nations to promote the International Day of Happiness which during current times is something we fully support! The first "day of happiness" took place in 2013 and year by year has grown as a worldwide shift on human priorities takes shape and a recognition that human progress is about increasing human happiness & wellbeing and not just economic growth.

All 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution to call for happiness to be given a greater priority and we’re all for more happiness!

Action for Happiness lists ten key actions we could/should include in our life to promote a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Do things for others.
There are many ways in which this can be achieved for example take a look at the random Acts of Kindness Foundation website for some ideas.

Connect with people.
Reach out of people you have lost contact with? Combine this with a random act of kindness. Send an unexpected gift , surpsie them with a random act of kindness and rekindle relationships. A gift hamper offers the perfect way to reconnect.

Take care of your body.
Healthy body, healthy happy mind? is the preponderence of mass produced processed foods and a state of obesity, and depression a coincidence? Shopping locally, getting to know your local merchants and talking to them could be good not only for your soul but for your mind.

Live life mindfully.
Ever wondered there must be more to life? Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? are you always looking for way in which to criticise and write bad reviews everywhere you can, or do you let bad things and focus more on praising those who go the extra mile to make your life better? It's all in a state of mind and it' shouldn't be too surprising to hear that those with a positive attitude generally have better experiences.

Keep learning new things.
There's no such thing as knowing everything, equally there's no such thing as not being able to do something. We don't believe people when they say they can't cook or can't use the internet, Want a simple recipe? visit a shop like ours, they are staffed by people who love to cook, love to share and help. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

Have goals to look forward to.
Setting goals neednt be anything arduous? It doesn't need to be anything like learning a new skill, it could be the desire to understand and appreciate more about a food type. We know people who've used lockdown as a way to learn about cheese, how they are made, the differences between Ewe's Cows's and Goats's cheeses. The excitment of trying/discovering something brings more joy and happiness than doing nothing.

Find way to bounce back.
Resilience can be harder for some than for others. Running a business like ours has its day to day stresses, electrical faults happening minutes before opening time, equipment deciding to fail when you least want them to. It's taken time to reakise that no matter what the obstacle there's always a way round it and all it is is a blip. Give yourself a few minutes, have a cup of coffee, be kind to yourself, and give yourself some time out. Before you know it you'll come up with a solution and the panic is over.

Look for what’s good.
Be positive and not negative. How often do youn make the effort to tell somebody what a great job they've done? Most of the time people will only communicate with us if they have something to complain about! Life is so much brighter and so much happier when you look at the efforts people make to make your life easier and better and you let them know that their efforts are appreciated. Take some time to look for what's good, find the joy & gratitude in things you do or others do for you, then you'll find life so much more enjoyable.

Be comfortable with who you are.
Learning to love who you are will make you happier, The world conjurs up images which we feel we know to comply with. Whether its being the perfect size X or having abs to die for, we can't all be funny. However we all have our own talents, or own skilll sets. Be comfortable with this, and we'll be happier and more content with life.

Be part of something bigger.
Give yourself a purpose in life? Be part of something. It doesn't have to be massive, but whatever it is that gives you that sense of belonging will make you feel better about yourself anf results in a greater sense of happiness.

On a day likeThe Internation Day of Happiness we all have the opportunity to look at our lives and see how we can bring happiness to ourselves by bringing happiness to others.

We strongly believe that the act of shopping locally results in happier people. Customers who shop with us tend to:

  • Do things for others - they buy gift hampers, they remember birthdays etc.
  • They "connect with people", they like to chat, they talk to staff members they effectively become part of the family, they are "part of something bigger".
  • Our customers tend to be people who appear "comfortable with who they are", they are people who live life to the full and seeking new challenging.

Of course please remember that "When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance"

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