Every Product has a Story

#EPHAS, Every Product has a Story -

Every Product has a Story

It is easy to walk past a shop like ours and think why would anybody shop there? After all supermarkets have everything! don't they? Bigger choice, more space and unlike a small independent business they have the customer's best interests in mind, by making sure that everything is as cheap as possible, don’t they? So why bother?

Like many owners of small delis, we understand and appreciate why not that many people regularly visit shops like ours, without doubt there is a belief that products stocked can be found in the supermarket for far less is in fact wrong. There is no way that a small business can compete with a supermarket if it stocks identical products, which is why we take great pains to ensure that a business like ours stocks products that supermarket, due to a whole variety of reasons can’t stock.

Products stocked by delis are typically made in small batches, by hand, using locally grown produce. Our suppliers are the people you’ll visit at the weekly/monthly farmer’s market, and businesses like ours exist to bridge the gap which exists for producers who would like more people to have access to their produce.

Stocking & supporting local producers is at the core of The Norfolk Deli’s business. It is a strategy which allows us to sit alongside the supermarkets in the West Norfolk Victorian seaside resort we call home. It is true that we stock items like strawberry jam which of course can be bought in a supermarket but of course we’re not comparing apples with apples. A deli bought strawberry jam is hand made using locally grown produce and elevated above what is normally described as a strawberry jam. Flavour combinations such as strawberry & lavender, strawberry & rose, strawberry & chocolate, strawberry & prosecco are just a few which come to mind. To coin a phrase, it really is possible to “taste the difference”. Of course, good luck if you’re a cheese lover but only ever shop in a supermarket. You won’t find locally made cheese, unless you classify a cheese factory somewhere in England as “local”.

We like to think that every product & every local brand in our shop has a story behind it. There really is a real person behind every product. They not only make the products, but they also bottle/jar them, they get into their cars and delivery them. In comparison what do we know about Mr Kipling? Was there an Aunt Bessie? Unfortunately, both were created for the purposes of marketing whereas our suppliers are real people, running small local businesses.

We are fortunate to know the people who make the products we put on our shelves. We know how they make their products, where the produce comes from and the collaborations which take place between them. We’re fortunate to say that they are not only our suppliers but friends. By stocking their products we’re supporting their businesses and in turn supporting the small local businesses they rely on for their ingredients.

We want to share their stories, how and why they started and their personal recommendations which is why we asked our friends to join our campaign to introduce our customers to the stories behind the products on our shelves and on our website. Over the next few weeks, we introduce you to one of suppliers. Not only will you find out something new, but we’ll provide suggestions on how and where their products can be used.

Did you know that customers can register to join our online “Norfolk Deli Perks rewards program? For every £1 spent customers get 5 perks points which quickly add up to money off your future online purchases. It’s our way of thanking our customers for supporting our friends and their businesses. So next time you’re walking past our shop, stop and come inside. You’ll find the products featured in our blog posts and as you pick up that jar of chutney hopefully, you’ll remember that “every product has a story”.

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