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Candi's Chutney

If you've ever visited a Norfolk Farmer's Market it's likely you've seen or met Candice Robertson. She is the driving force behind Candi's Chutney a range of  original homemade chutney's using locally grown produce created with a great deal of skill and with her unique subtle twists. Her "Non Mango, Mango Chutney" is a point in case. Creating a Norfolk alternative to a Mango Chutney using Bramley apples instead of Mangoes. Candi's Chutney consists of 8 core chutneys made year round alongside seasonal chutneys available only for as long as their key ingredients are in season. Have you tried the asparagus chutney, if not you have to be quick as this is only available for a limited time.

What's always impressed us about Candi is not only the taste of her Chutney's but her work ethic. She's always delivered when she's promised and it's easy to think she has perfected the ability to clone herself. How she's able to attend as many events as she normally does whilst producing her chutney's is mind boggling.

Since we opened in 2014 Candice expanded her Chutney range, added three exceptional steak sauces and is about to launch a number of new products (details we were made privy too) which we will be super excited to stock and sell in the shops and here online.

When you pick up a jar or bottle of Candi's Chutney/sauces you're picking up a product made by a real person and not a produce dreamt up by a marketing department.

We're thrilled to kick off our "Every Product Has a Story with Candice Robertson answering some of our mini interview questions designed to give our customers an insight into the person behind the product.

Let's start by asking "Candice what was your first job?

My first job was as a trainee chef after leaving City College Hotel School.

When and why did you start your business?

We started Candi's Chutney in September 2012 at the North Norfolk Food Festival, after a sell out and requests for more of our unique flavours, we invested £50 to start our business and 9 years later, many awards and surviving a global pandemic we're going from strength to strength!

Seeing that you've been in business for a number of years, what's the best advice you've ever had?

Only invest in things that will give you a return

Can we ask.... what's the worst advice you've ever had?

Trust me.

What advice would you give to a start up food business?

This has been the hardest thing l have ever done, emotionally and physically but it is also the best! Be prepared for long hours, hard work, little money and the best of times.

Do you have a favourite gadget and if so what it is?

My lovely hand blade, saves so much time and no one else will touch it as its so sharp and strange to use.

What makes Norfolk special to you?

The diversity of produce is amazing, the landscapes are glorious, the skies so big and mostly the people are as mad as me!

Using your own products, what's your favourite recipe?

Parsnip & Chilli Chutney Flapjacks

Favourite place to eat?

We don't go out often, but when we get a rare weekend away it's either the Crown at Wells for the coast or the Assembly House, for a city break.

Name one place in Norfolk people should visit?

Holkham Beach

And finally are you a Dog or Cat person?

I have too be the one and it's definitely both, with anything else furry thrown in, but under no circumstance spider, snakes or lizards.

Thank you for your time Candice, its always a pleasure working with you and we look forward to adding your new products to our shelves and online in the near future.

Watch out for our next blog post where we will be asking the same questions to Jonny & Dulcie Crickmore of Fen Farm Dairy who are behind that exceptional cheese Baron Bigod (bygod).



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